Jewelry care

Jewelry is beauty and tenderness, so be careful and attentive with them. Silver is a soft metal and also reacts to contact with the environment.

  • if silver jewelry is worn constantly, most likely it will not darken;
  • but still it can darken due to contact with the sea, household chemicals, cosmetics, pool water, food;
  • but you can safely wash your hands with soap - the ring will only get better from soap;
  • silver can darken and just from contact with the body - this can mean temporary or permanent problems with your health;
  • rhodium-plated jewelry is protected from these contacts by a layer of hypoallergenic metal, but just in case, it is better to comply with these conditions;
  • rhodium can wear off over time, simple silver is easy to scratch, so jewelry will be happy if you take it off before playing sports, physical activity and other activities that can even cause microdamage
  • also remember that it is soft!
  • if you temporarily do not wear jewelry - store it in a dry and quiet place, in a bag, box, preferably separately from other products and not in a cosmetic bag;
  • and if the product still darkens, use special cleaning products that are sold in special online stores and jewelry stores:
  • wipes for minor darkening and just for prevention
  • cleaning fluids - they are relatively inexpensive and will last you a long time; be careful - they are different for silver, gold, jewelry with pearls; relevant if you have a lot of jewelry;
  • you can try to do without special tools - wipe the jewelry with toothpaste or tooth powder, then rinse with water - this is effective, but it can cause micro-scratches on the glossy areas of the jewelry and inserts, if any;

These are general recommendations, but you can also count on an individual approach to your problem if it arises - just contact us, we are always ready to help.